9 jul 2023

Unconscious___Conscious Materiality I - Materiality, Zones Between the Sea and the Land

The 14th of July from 14.00-17.00 pm Eksil organizes an international literary event at the G! Festival in the old barn known as Fjósið.

Featuring a meeting between Scotland, Wales and the Faroe Islands and other countries as well. 

We are going to hear talks, interviews and most of all readings from many writers.

What we expect we to talk about includes:

… new poetics and artistic explorations across different art forms, with a theme focused on the human role in relation to new perspectives on literature, climate, grief/care.

…ee humans are entangled in complex relationships with animals and the environment, where old and so-called anthropocentric approaches are part of the problem.

- How can we engage in art with "more than human" lives that call the sea their home, such as shock-absorbing forests of seaweed, myriad other species, organisms, and life?

- How do questions of materiality arise in zones, such as the boundaries between the sea and the land?

We are going to listen to interdisciplinary and polyphonic ways of thinking, so that different voices, media, and fields can come together, allowing us to understand the incredibly complex ways in which we as humans relate to not only land, but also sea, and in this way, figure out how we can take care of our oceans and our home - ourselves?

Kathleen Jamie (Poet Maker Scotland)

Iona Lee (Scotland)

Grug Muse (Wales)

Kim Simonsen (Fo)

Katrin Joensen-Næs (Fo)

Vónbjørt vang (Fo)

Durita Midjord (Fo)

Beinir Bergsson (Fo)

Lív Maria Róadóttir Jæger (Fo)

Rannvá Glerfoss (Fo)

Guðrið Poulsen (Fo)

Marjun Syderbø Kjelnæs (Fo)

Malan Poulsen (Fo)

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