4 Jul 2023

Danny Clifford - The Flie on the Rock Wall

As a world-renowned Rock and Roll photographer, Danny Clifford has spent his illustrious career as a 'fly on the wall' to the most iconic musical artists of the last 40 years, from his big break, aged 20, as Bob Dylan's official photographer in the late 1970s, through his close working relationships with Queen, The Who, The Rolling Stones and Amy Winehouse (to name but a handful), the stories he has amassed over the years are just as vivid, colourful and dramatic as his photographs. Of the countless shots taken on and offstage, behind the scenes and during historic performances, this site allows a fractional glimpse into the Danny Clifford archive. Danny's images are held in the highest esteem by artists and appreciators alike; they are rarely exhibited and are highly collectable.

In Fjósið at G!, Danny will talk about his interesting life and show pictures from concerts, trips, etc. He has been together with some of the world's most famous musicians and artists in the last 50 years.

Saturday 15.15 - 16.45

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