15 Jun 2023


During Alda Mohr Eyðunnardóttir’s exchange to the Icelandic Art
Academy she met Snæbjörn Jack, a festival organiser and producer from
Reykjavík. Their enthusiasm for greater collaboration between Iceland
and Faroese art culture prompted them to start plotting ways to draw
these culture scenes closer together, with the idea to revolve the
project around the Faroese music festival G!. After a year of planning
the idea expanded to involve people from farther afield and draw on
connections that have formed between distant people through artistic
cooperation, cultural exchange programs and friendships in the
previous years. Heysahorn is the bundling, the coming together, the
next level of nordic cultural exchange in the name of cooperation,
co-creation and friendship.


Heysahorn is a 4-day long assembly followed by a one day event in the
town Göta of the Faroe Islands from 10th - 14th of July 2023. The
assembly of artists will focus on collaboratively driven creations and
community building. Participants will be divided into groups that work
together over the time period for collaborating, mixing their various
disciplines and nationalities to create important bridges for the
conversation of art and experimentation.

The artists that are invited all have previous experiences with
collaborative art marking and are chosen because we both see
similarities and differences that could form exciting conversations
and artworks.

Themes to be mentioned:
- Story telling
- Political justice
- Remaining Language and culture
- Identities
- Climate change
- Geopolitics (arctic, northern geographic area - cultures existing
in-between nation-states)
- working connected to the ground - with themes and people


Friday 17.00 - 18.00

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