14 jul 2022

Elinborg performs new EP at G!

G! 2022 will witness Elinborg revealing the new music she has been working on the last couple of years. Lately her style has started flirting with electropop, and in addition to the newly released single “Sjórok”, the singer will publicly perform all tracks from her new EP “Vera” for the first time.

Elinborg uses her music as a vessel to ask the universe how to understand her own world. Big questions about burning emotions that can only be contained after they have been set free. The music reflects the environment surrounding her. The waves breaking against the shore, the dead calm seas, the bright summer nights, the winter storms. The prints us humans leave in our trails and the imprints life leaves behind in us.

Somehow the playground in Syðrugøtu embodies the spirit of the G! Festival. During the rest of the year it is the centre for the children in the village to roam freely, play, be loud and be lively. But one weekend a year the astroturf is filled with music and listeners when us adults are invited back into the same circumstances. To roam freely, to play, to be loud and be lively. G! draws us back to our childhood village before we knew of life’s responsibilities. We reconnect with friends, jump into the ocean, go camping and enjoy being embraced again by the mountains and fjords that raised us.

And exactly that playground was foundational to Elinborg’s own childhood that she will now revisit as a singer, a musician, a bachelor in music and a self-taught producer. Returning home and feeling the buzz in the village after all these months where spontaneity was curtailed triggers that special feeling that only the G! Festival can ignite:

“To me G! is the place where we can get together and be fully ourselves with no fear of being judged in any way. A place where pleasantry prevails - and this has especially been missing these past two years. A time out with space to relax and let go of everything else, to enjoy the moment and forgo the rest for as long as it lasts.”

To stumble upon concerts and discover new music is one of G!’s trademarks that Elinborg has been exploiting since her childhood days roaming around her home village where the festival will now celebrate its 20th anniversary. And this year it is Elinborg herself who will take to the stage to welcome guests from near and far to join the experience she so inherently loves.

Elinborg will perform on Friday July 15th on the Playground at 20:05.

2 des 2022
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15 jul 2022
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14 jul 2022
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14 jul 2022
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14 jul 2022
Elinborg framførir nýggja EP á G!

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14 jul 2022
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