7 Jul 2022

FIMFF: Panel + documentary, Sirens

How do we get a more diverse music scene in the Faroe Islands?

(The panel will be conducted in Faroese.)


Prior to the film we will host a panel on how to get a more diverse music scene in the Faroes, which is still dominated by men, and why it’s important to get more women and queers involved in the music scene. 

The panel consists of women who in one way or other brought change to the music scene, and still do. They are Sunneva Háberg Eysturstein, who held events educating women in becoming DJ’s and technicians, Jasmin Mote, writer and singer in own band, and also a DJ, and Vivian Sjóklett, who was in the band SOX; the first faroese female band. The panel moderator is Siri Súsonnudóttir Hansen.




Directori: Rita Baghdadi

2022 | USA, Lebanon | 78 min

Arabic, English | English subtitles


Slave to Sirens from Lebanon is the only female metal band in the Middle East. In the midst of the revolution, a complicated love story and friendship, they are fighting for their right to exist, and the power of music.


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