3 Jul 2022

Create your own utopia

Close your eyes and bring your imagination twenty years into the future. Imagine that we have solved all the current problems of the world. What does this perfect society look like? What happened on the day or during the time-period when everything changed? And what changes where necessary to arrive at this society?

This workshop will lead you through a process which will stimulate your creativity and courage to think in a utopian way and take action for change. We begin with a collective brainstorm about the problems of the world and their causes, and then progress to explore what a perfect society would look like. Next, we will think about how to achieve this society, what changes are necessary, and how we can bring about these changes. In the process we will indirectly touch upon several philosophical questions concerning human nature, power, (in)justice, human morality, etc.

The workshop format is based upon principles in critical pedagogy. This means for instance that the workshop facilitators will not be lecturing. Instead, the whole workshop slot will be used to facilitate a process where the workshop participants collectively create the learning outcome themselves.

The purpose of the workshop is to create a space for utopian speculation, where everyone gets inspiration and support to develop their own theory of social change, as well as to strategise on how to practically bring about the changes that they wish to see.

The workshop will be in Faroese and/or English depending on the background of the participants.

Everyone is welcome!

Facilitators: Elisabeth Skarðhamar Olsen and Natasha Verco.


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