6 Jul 2021

Slick n Slime.


Welcome to Slick n Slime 

Have you ever Settled For Nothing?

Have you ever had to Fight For Your Right?

Do you think Invaders Must Die?

Is it just One of Those Days?

Well, don’t you worry, cause It Gets Worse.


Silja and Laura started DJing after they noticed a void. A void that needed filling. With a shit ton of 90s shitrock, NuMetal, and just overall “fuck you”-music.


So join us at Fjósið. Let your hair down, start headbanging and just lose control!!!

12 Nov 2021
Lapee, female urinals at G! 2022

Women can finally skip the endless queues for the traditional toilets at large outdoor events by using Lapee, the first female urinal.  Lapee consists of three elements: a spot-on pink colour which m… Read more »

13 Oct 2021
FMX x G! Festival at Trondheim Calling 2022

We are delighted to announce a showcase night of Faroese music at Trondheim Calling, 3-5 February 2022. Three Faroese acts will be selected by the festival panel to showcase at the event, which will s… Read more »

8 Jul 2021
G! Festival Cancelled

G! Festival cancelled due to Covid-19 situation in the Faroe Islands We are very sorry to announce that due to the rise in covid-19 cases in the Faroe Islands, we feel obligated to cancel G! Festival… Read more »

6 Jul 2021
G! Festival tests all guests ahead of the festival for free

The G! Festival organizers are doing everything in their power to host a safe festival. Health institute, Thetis, has been asked for assistance, and they have offered to test all festival guests for C… Read more »

6 Jul 2021

- STRECH AND DRINK Read more »

6 Jul 2021
Talk Panel: Musikbevægelsen af 2019.

A union of +2000 women and gender minorities in Danish Music Read more »