5 Jul 2021



Co-helmed by Danish-born Cecilie Debell (“My Mother Is Pink”) and Faroese debutant Maria Tórgarð, “Skál” marks the first time ever a Faroese documentary has been given a main competition ticket at an A festival, when it premiered at Copenhagen’s CPH:DOX earlier this year.

The film captures the search for identity and hunger for change among the younger generation of Faroese people, who often feel suppressed by social norms and control, in a tight community of 53,000 souls where religion plays a major role.

For one and a half year, the co-directors have followed 21 year old Dania, brought up in a Christian community as she moves to the capital and get involved in a new crowd. He new life inspires Dania, who starts to question her tightly controlled upbringing. She gets into writing herself and ends up publishing a collection of poems called “Skál” (aka “Cheers”), about the double life that she and other youths live in the Faroe Islands.

The film is 76 minutes long.

There will be a Q&A with director Maria Tórgarð after the screening.


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