30 Jun 2021

Boy Pablo cancels

Faroese bands more prominent this year

We are sorry to announce that Boy Pablo has cancelled this year’s performance due to health reasons. Even though this year has been challenging to organise with COVID-19 restrictions and cancellations from a few international artists, we are thrilled to host names like Aurora, Tessa, When Saints Go Machine and others. Also, this year’s festival will give more prominent space to Faroese artists.

The Faroese culture is saturated in music – great music, from metal to folk, from electronica to stirring pop. And we are very proud of our home-grown talent, many of whom have taken the international music stage by surprise. Artists such as Greta Svabo, Janus Rasmussen, Teitur, Eivør, Týr, Hamferð and recently Reiley. 

This year is special as it marks our 20th anniversary, which requires a celebration. Over the past 20 years, we have seen the Faroese music stage evolve exponentially.

British music business bulletin CMU was stunned by the home-grown talent, saying “at a festival of a similar size in England, I’d expect to be disappointed by at least a few bands each day. But that was never the case here.” Internationally known Faroese names like Týr, Teitur and Eivör are the tip of an iceberg.

This year, we will see more Faroese artists taking to the big stage on the beach of Syðrugøta. Stay tuned for the festival programme coming out in a few days.

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