2 Jul 2019

Self defence- attitude and physical measures

How do you draw the line? Is it your responsibilty to say when? How do you react if someone attacks you? What options do you have if you are being attacked? Sunneva Háberg Eysturstein is going to reflect on these questions and go through basic self defence tactics. Also Luis Antonio Pellecer who is the coach of Tórshavn Brazilian Jiu-jitsu attend and at the event.

Sunneva has 15 years of experience in the night life and has for instance worked at a bouncer in Reykjavík. Since january 2018 she has been engaged in martial arts and now offer martial arts lessons for the Gentur Rokka and Kvinnur Rokka camps. She emphasizes that everyone can learn self defence regardless of age, size, gender og mental strenghts. It is all abourt attitude. How to have the courage to tell where the line is. But sometimes that is not enough and that’s when physical measures are needed.

Luis Antonio Pellecer is the coach of Tórshavn Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. This martial art focuses on using technique to control and defeat bigger, stronger opponents and is used by law enforcement and military. Because of this, BJJ is an effective tool for women- empowerment, anti- bullying, fitness, and all around confidence.

TBJJ has partnered with other Faroese organizations to teach self-defense principles in the past, and we are happy to do so again here at G!

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