18 Jun 2019

Between Heaven and Hell - a documentary about G! festival

Each July, for the past 18 years, 5000 guests from all over the world, have gathered in the small Faroese village of Syðrugöta to participate in the annual 3 day G! Festival.

G! is a non profit music event that aims to bring great music to The Faroe Islands, and to connect Faroese music and culture, with the world.

"Between Heaven and Hell" is a vivid portrait of the G! festival through the music and good times. Much of the story told through the history of G!, the event and occasional mayhem, that every year makes the G! festival so wonderfully unique.

“Some festivals are about more than just their lineup. And perhaps non more so than G!” Source: CNN: “The 16 best summer festivals for 2017”

Times: “5 best Festivals in Europe” 2018

CondeNaste “Europes 10 best Festivals” 2019

Directed by: Uni Leitisstein Hansen

Edited by: Eyðun Müller Thomsen

13 Jul 2020

All tickets for G! FESTIVAL 2020 will be refunded. Those of you, who bought ticket(s) via our web-shop, do not need to do anything. Those of you, who bought a physical ticket, please send it in an e… Read more »

29 May 2020

It is with great sadness that we must inform you that this year’s G! Festival won’t take place. Since the COVID-19 outbreak, we knew that it would be difficult to organize the festival. After the gov… Read more »

28 Feb 2020

Today G! Festival must announce the cancelation of Saving Grace ft. Robert Plant & Suzi Dian. The band was scheduled to perform Saturday, July 18th, but have now pulled out, due to Robert Plant receiv… Read more »

27 Nov 2019
G! installation art unveiled

A unique project, in which creative energies have thrived and shaped, is now being unveiled to the public. For the launch of G! 2020, the renowned artist from the village of Klaskvík, Edward Fuglø, ha… Read more »

25 Nov 2019
Exciting times at G! Festival

Preparations for G! Festival 2020 are well underway. The festival has several announcements in the pipeline which are being revealed in the nearest future. The first bit of news is the appointing of… Read more »

13 Jul 2019
Fatboy Slim on the Beach Tonight!

The moment we've all been waiting for is almost here. This year's headliner takes the beach stage tonight. Read more »