29 Jun 2018

Fjósið Saturday 14th July

G! Festival unique cultural venue in the heart of the village returns in 2018


Festival service

The sermon will be held by Emil Olsen. After the sermon, everyone is invited for coffee at Hoyggjhúsið, aka the Festival church.




A play by Sóley Danielsen. 


ILLUMINATI innkallar teg til aðalfund felagsins í Fjósinum 14. juli kl. 14.00.


- Upptøka av nýggjum limi.
- Orgultónleikur
- Undirminering av føroyska samfelagnum
- Felagssangur
- New World Order

Allir limir verða bidnir um at møta í búna og masku.
Fundur endar áðrenn HM-dystin kl. 15, sum samb. avtalu endar 2-1 til okkum.

Leikbólkurin Pýramida bjóðar til opna venjing, har ein brellbiti av nýskrivaða leikinum ILLUMINATI verður sýndur, og konseptið roynt fyri fyrstu ferð.



How to write 

Come and get some valuable tips on writing poetry or short stories. The Swedish-American poet and professor in creative writing Johannes Göransson from the University of Notre Dame (USA) will give advise on how to write. In this masterclass he will adress translation and the importance of reading alternative texts.

His most well known books are: POETRY AGAINST ALL; Transgressive Circulation: Essays on Translation; The Sugar Book; Dear Ra (A Novel in Flinches). (Event will be in English).

Arranged by Forlagið Eksil.



Performance Art

Nordic Islands Actions in Nature is an international performance art collaboration with artists from Faroe Islands, Denmark, Svalbard, Sweden, Finland, Åland, Colombia, Malaysia and Iraq. Througout one week, the artists will travel to different places in the Faroe Islands, where the local community will share with them traditional knowledge about the natural settings of the Faroe Islands. This exchange of knowledge will be the principle ingredient for a serie of performance actions that will take place around the islands. The NIAN project will end its Faroese collaboration with a performance session at G! on Satuday the 14th of June from 16.00 – 18.00

NIAN 2018 is organized and curated by COMLAB, Performance Køkkenet, Artic Actions and Åland actions.

Participating artists: Peter Rosvik, Finland, Kaisa Lukkonen, Finland, Stein Henningsen, Svalbard, Joakim Stampe, Sweden, Chuyia Chia, Sweden/Malaysia, Ursula Sepponen, Åland, Sara Gerats, Svalbard, Mauri




If you haven´t heard Amatøroyar you have a huge problem (or you probably don't understand Faroese). The concept is simple. It is a podcast. Two open hearted amateurs talking about everything. The subjects and themes are spontanious. The language is totally off and only once in a while the observations hit the bulls eye. Amatøroyar is in short a passionated conversation between two friends, you are welcomed to be the listener.

The first Amatøroyar show was released in October 2017 and has grown into a podcast that has thousands of internationasl listeners. The amateurs are Bjarni Arge and Jóan Pauli Dahl Jakobsen. And they will perform a live podcast with observations that are suitable for the occasion. They will discuss things that should be stopped, things that are cool, things that are absurd and things they like. 

The two guys from Amatøroyar do not intend to break the penal code but they will be completely out of pedagogical control.



orBIT : A play by Ria Tórgarð. 

A band meets up. They are going to rehearse. They have been rehearsing previously – often – they meet up regularly in order to rehearse music. 6 people, who all have their personal qualities, their dreams and wishes, their identities and desires. But is it music, that is the motivation for them to make a band? Or is it something else? The common feeling and the love for music is set aside to make room for personal interests and becomes an obstacle to the symbiosis that is essential for creativity. This is an absurd play, a tragic comedy, about people, who cannot find the common tune, and do not have the common sense needed, in order to create music together. The Theater Group is founded by MáF, who has invited them to take part in an International Theater Festival in Litava this summer. The play is designed for an international audience. 




Hettarher is a electroacustic band. The members, Andreas Restorff and Torleik Mortensen are playing a composition of acustic and eloctronic, minimalism and spectralism in a fusin og nature and industralisme.



Meejah - The Taegeuk - a cyclical consert

Meejah plays a cyclical consert around the elements in the Korean flag, The Taegeuk, blending elements from traditional Korean music with distortion, hints of metal, soft hip hop, soundscapes and quirky midi productions. The sequense sends out the intention of bringin peace to the Korean peninsula and end the war between North and South Korea. 

In november last year, Meejah played an opening concert for the Korean postrock band, Jambinai, who played at the closing ceremony at the Winter Olympics in Korea. In september this year Meejah will play at the International Day of Peace Festival in Central Park in New York and afterwards they are heading east, where they will play at the peace walk in the Demilitarized Zone on the border of North and South Korea. 

Meejah is Andreas Isbrandt Løvenskjold, Daniel Nayberg and Mai Young Øvlisen.



The Reverends 

This unique Faroese band specializes in their own brand of creative rock with roots in folk, nordicana and whatever else strikes their fashion. Their latest music has been described as an eclectic blend of dystopian pop and uplifting influences such as Pink Floyd, Lou Reed, R.E.M and Johnny Cash. 

The Reverends have spent the last year working on at string of new songs, and the first single, Sometimes I wish was released September 2017. The core band members come from extremely diverse musical backgrounds which make up their unique sound.

The Reverends are: Niclas Thorsteinsson, vocal, Rúni Mouritsen, drums, Kristin Nolsøe Bech, bas, Janus Kampmann, guitar and Vinjar Egilsnes Petersen, chords.



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