13 Jul 2017

ORKA -- Friday Night at G!

If you want to experience some of the freshest Faroese music out there, come to the beach Friday night at 1:20, when ORKA takes the stage. We talked to ORKA's Jens L. Thomsen about what to expect.

From folk to electronica

ORKA started out as a folksy Faroese band, famous for making their instruments from old farming implements. But in recent years, the group has moved towards a more electronic and abstract sound.

As Jens explains:

"In the beginning the music could sound like folk music with industrial elements, and all the lyrics were in Faroese. With every release, the music has steadily become more electronic, and we have used different languages. We have also released instrumental music that ranges from rather experimental to more familiar sounds that are a easier to digest."

It's only been one year since ORKA released their new album Vað, and were named Band of the Year by the Faroese Music Awards in 2017. Recently ORKA has been working on a new EP together with American Alap Momin. The EP record will be released on July 21st with the name ‘<13’. In addition, the band is working on other projects, including a new album and some music videos.

The set is tailor-made for G!

Jens and Francine were both eager and thankful, when they were asked to play on the beach Friday night. They decided right away that they wanted to put together the perfect performance for the event. Jens says the whole set has been custom-made for exactly that moment in the G! festival, and adds that most of the music ORKA will play at G! will be brand-new material.

"G! is a very special festival in that it is held in a small village where you get very close to the villages. It's impressive that the people of Göta and the festival organizers are able to make it work so well year after year. In addition, it's always both a challenge and a delight to play in our own country."

The G! Festival thanks Jens for the interview and is looking forward to the performance. Don't miss ORKA on the beach at 01:20 Friday night!

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