10 Feb 2017

G! Festival 2017 Lift Off!

G! Festival launches the first part of the 2017 programme, featuring some of the best music from the Faroe Islands, Denmark, Iceland and further Germany, Italy and Niger.

Each year G! Festival handpicks a diverse range of artists to create 3 truly unique days in Syðrugöta, and the 2017 line up is already looking as remarkable as the surroundings in which the event will occur.

We are really blessed to host Danish goddess  this summer, and share the Faroe Islands with her. Every time the now prolific Danish artist releases new music, she adds yet further quality to an already stellar back catalogue. The opportunity to watch a Mø show in the natural amphitheatre of Syðrygöta is going to be a truly unforgettable experience, and one not to miss. From Mø, we take the story of electronic Pop back to its roots with the German innovators Alphaville, who, after forming at Berlin Art Institute in the late 70's, are responsible for some of the earliest crossover success of Electro Pop to the masses, with hits like 'Forever Young' and 'Big in Japan'.

Cultural diversity and interaction make for the most remarkable of festival experiences. G! Festival 2016 saw the incredible Songhoy Blues in the Faroe Islands, bringing together war-torn Mali and the remote Faroes in perfect synchronicity, with the universal language of Rock 'n' Roll. 2017 will see another remarkable Culture Clash with Bombino from Niger visiting. Bombino has been hailed by Rolling Stone as a new guitar hero, and has a totally unique way of voicing and presenting the good old language of Rock'n'Roll. With a remarkable story and equally impressive back catalogue, featuring production from the Black Keys, Bombino will make a stunning contribution to the remarkably distinctive experience that is G!

Finding new music is one of our favourite things, and we love to share FIL BO RIVA with the Faroe Islands, and our followers. Not only does the young Italian write insanely catchy songs, but he delivers each line with earth-shattering Soul, and is fast creating his own musical story. We can’t wait to share him with you all.

From the brightest lights of Pop and Rock we travel to the very darkest fringes, and the hedonistic explosion of energy that is horrorcore, and the 'Rap Dons' Suspekt. Leading the Rap game in Denmark since the late 90's, the multi award-winning group will bring the full might of their live experience to the Faroe Islands for G! 2017.

In stark contrast to the Danish Rap Gods, we bring Icelandic Sista Feminista and the now notorious Fem Cee's Reykjavíkurdætur to Syðrugöta. From a break out Female Rap night in a basement in Reykjavik, to the international Press lauding their message to a worldwide audience, Reykjavik's daughters are making music with a message and delivering it with sass, balls and pugnacity. Virtually peerless in their message and quality of delivery, perhaps only equalled by Russia's Pussy Riot. 

As well as the diverse international talent, in matchless surroundings, we love the opportunity to show the very best, and most progressive Faroese talent we seem to produce in abundance. One Act responsible for taking Faroe Islands music further on to the international stage is Teitur. Hailed by Artists like John Mayer and Katie Tunstall, the multi-faceted Faroese Artist has struck a distinctive chord since his 2003 breakout record 'Poetry & Aeroplanes'. It will be magical to watch Teitur perform this seminal record on his home soil, and for people to connect with this record live at G! Festival. 

Soundtracking the weekend will also be new acts that have been making waves upon the Islands, and further afield, namely Konni Kass and the undeniable Danny & the Veetos, both of whom are growing a following and carving a place for themselves in the rich fibres that are Faroese music. 

And finally for this months release, we have 200. Faroese punk band and profound social commentators who 7 albums deep had their 2016 record debated in Parliament, and even featured prominent Icelandic politicians venting in previously unknown ways. Always critical, forever contradictory but never demure, it's 200%.

19 Apr 2017
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