Sakaris (FO)

J-pop meets 80s glam pop meets devastating Nordic skepticism.

Since his debut album in 2012, this Faroese electro artist has made a name for himself as the purveyor of quirky, melodic, and extremely catchy alternative pop music. Combining his love for The Beach Boys, dance music, 80s glitz, and video game nostalgia, the music seems uplifting and extremely danceable.

Sadly, the optimistic and synth-drenched sound of his music only serves to lure people to dance to his pessimistic musings about impossible millennial angst, and paralyzing self-awareness.

On stage, the keytar wielding SAKARIS charms the audience with woefully unscripted stage banter and down-to-earth presence, before blasting into earworm after earworm. Having performed at everything from a 13-year-old’s private birthday party to SPOT festival to senior Bingo night to the main stage of the G! Festival,

SAKARIS knows that every show is different and also exactly the same. "The highlight for me was a fantastic electronic act called SAKARIS" - Wired UK "Best of all are electro-poppers SAKARIS, a sort of sprightly cross between a-ha, Jesus Jones and MGMT. A great band" - The Arts Desk "A half hour extravaganza of keytars, electronic drum kits and general getting on down. Complete brilliance from start to finish." - State "Pleasingly sharp electropop, on a big old keytar. Unexpected." - Clash Music

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