Son of Fortune

Behind the award-winning Faroese rock band "Son of Fortune" is the singer-songwriter, and guitarist Benjamin Petersen.

Benjamin Petersen travelled a long way since his artistic journey started in the remote North Atlantic
years ago. The latest chapter in his journey took him from the Faroe Islands to Nashville where he recorded his latest album 'Voodoo Pop'. 

With ‘Voodoo Pop’, Son of Fortune has created a rocking, earthy and soulful compilation of songs communicating the importance of individuality but also the power of unity, his resentment of arbitrary leaders and governments that divide us and spread fear and hate, and also soul searching songs with a pure intention to inject a beacon of hope, love and light into the world. 

The rawness in the gloomy weather and the breathtaking scenery on the Islands where he grew up shines
through in Son of Fortune’s songwriting and sound. From the raw and dirty rock n’ roll to more dark and folky
landscapes, the music challenges you, but at the same time makes you feel at home. German Rolling Stone
magazine once described Son of Fortune’s music as “Voodoo Pop” and this is a label he wears proudly.


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200 (FO)

Annika Hoydal plays G!


Bríet (IS)


Eivør (FO)


Irene (FI)

Jada (DK)

Lucky Lo (SE/DK)

Marius DC (FO)

Marius Ziska (FO)