Ba Cissoko (GN)

We are very happy to announce from Guinea, West Africa, the fantastic Ba Cissoko will join us at G! 2018. Pioneer of electric Kora in a “West Africa meets Jimi Hendrix” at their very best, masters of hair-raising forays in to electric rock and funk, blended with West African Reggae and traditional Mandinka melodies. 

Striking similarities to the Faroese, Ba Cissoko’s music is a family story, always surrounded by cousins, relatives and friends. Since his first album in 1999, have toured extensively all over the world, both individually, and in support of Nigerian legend Femi Kuti. The sands of Sydrugota will bounce and resonate to the rich harmonies and crossbreeding melting rhythms, when the traditional Mandika music meets Afro Beat and Reggae at G!

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