Irene (FI)

IRENE crafts raw and sensual Nordic art-pop tunes. Having grown up in a small town in the arctic area of Finland, she’s no stranger to stark extremes.

Critics and music blogs have described IRENE as the lovechild of Björk, Fever Ray and Kate Bush.

IRENE released her debut single “Keep on Walking” (2017) along with a haunting music video. The video embodied a fiery ritual of IRENE burning her grand piano. The healing rite and marked a new beginning. It was time to finally speak up about her childhood piano studies that contained ten years of sexual violence.

IRENE is a trained classical pianist, who sat down at the piano at the age of five – and instantly felt at home in the realm of keys. The dark trauma and shadow of her abusive teacher haunted IRENE for years. But the day came when it was time to reclaim her voice; both as a performing artist, a composer and a woman who had a lot to say about the world.

IRENE writes, composes and co-produces all her music. As a Master of Arts in literature, she writes poetic lyrics full of layers. IRENE has worked with co-producer Noah Rosanes in Copenhagen, and Davide Rossi, known best as Coldplay’s trusted orchestrator since Viva la Vida (2008). In 2022, IRENE wrote the official theme song for international war documentary tv-series “Untold Arctic Wars”. Currently, IRENE is working on music for the second season, alongside her own album

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