Orka (FO)

The origins of ORKA date back more than a decade, when the band began crafting their own handmade instruments out of agricultural tools on a small farm in the Faroe Islands. But make no mistake, this is not rural music as you might imagine it. From those humble beginning, ORKA have created a bold, cathartic electronic sound that has earned them fans around the world, and two nominations for the Nordic Council Music Prize.

After album Leipzig, which involved multiple collaborators in locations around the world, founder Jens L. Thomsen aimed for something more paired back on the follow-up, Vað. Vað sees Thomsen work with former Dälek member Oktopus on a more focused techno sound. UK bass duo LV also provided additional production work. Building tracks from samples taken from those self-built instruments, this is ORKA at their most intense and dancefloor ready.

With Francine Perry (aka La Leif), Thomsen is now taking this new music on the road for an unmissable live experience.

"Probably the best discovery this year"
- Sounds of a Tired City

"ORKA's catalogue will always be waving at you if you're interested in music"
- Listaportal

“Tough, minimalist techno at its most fantastically twisted”
- Getintothis

"A unique force in music"
- Complete Music Update

"This is easily one of the most individual and exciting acts to appear in a long time"
- Clash Music

"ORKA are hard. They produce industrial vibes and possess a menacing intensity”
- The Quietus

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