Baskery (SE)

There’s a distinct lineage attached to the Baskery moniker. Not only is it their band name, but it’s also the Finnish nickname of a Swedish village originally called Båtskärsnäs. This village sits just below the Polar Circle where the Northern Lights colour the pitch black winter, while the midnight sun in the summer. The 3 Baskery sisters’ hail from this remote Swedish locale, and it’s also the site of their first-ever performance.

Musically, Baskery subvert and spin folk and Americana traditions through a whirlwind grunge energy. Earning critical acclaim from Q, Mojo, Uncut, and many more, they transformed casual audiences into believers at SXSW, Glastonbury

Upon hearing their version of Neil Young’s “Old Man,” Warner Bros. Records President Dan McCarroll flew the band to Los Angeles and personally signed them to the label. They immediately began working on what would become their 2017 full-length U.S. debut with GRAMMY Award-winning producer Andrew Dawson [Kanye West, Rolling Stones, fun.] in L.A. “We wanted to make an album that keeps up with the live performance,” Greta states. “We wanted to amplify our vision and turn it into a 100% sensory experience, so it’s like the listener is there seeing us.”

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