Danny & the Veetos (FO)

Your only chance to catch Danny & The Veetos live at a Faroese Festival this summer, is at G! Danny & The Veetos took the Faroese Pop scene by storm becoming a real household name in 2016, and proving one of the biggest concert draws of the year.

Attracting large audiences, and a diverse group of fans, reaching hipsters, grandmothers and bank managers alike. One explanation is their ability to write catchy melodies, and the light, happy atmosphere in the songs, making them unique amongst the Faroese musical landscape. 

On record in 2016, they found success with the song "Sunnukvøld í mai" nominated for “song of the year” at the Faroese Music Awards. Then came the relaease of their debut album "Hint of Melancholy” and the big summer hit “Alright". Recently they released the video single “Farvæl”.

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